professional guide to healthy skin

company faqs

1. Are Denova products subjected to any tests?
Yes, we care about the safety of all our products. Therefore, they are subjected to rigorous tests: dermatological, allergy, application, effectiveness and human health safety assessment of cosmetics.

2. Which products are based on natural ingredients?
All Denova products are of natural origin, developed by chemists and pharmacists and produced in an ecological zone. The recipes are based on components resembling skin natural substances.

3. Does Denova test on animals?
We never test on animals.

4. I have sensitive, allergic skin. Can I use the products?
Yes, the products are subjected to allergy testing. However, allergy may be caused by several different factors. That’s why, we recommend individual sensitivity test on your forehand before treatment.

5. Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?
You can use most of the products for home treatment except massage creams and cosmetics with vit.A and AHA complex. However, we don’t recommend the products for salon treatment, at least in the first trimester.

6. Which creams have UV filter?

We have 4 creams with UV filter:
Revitalising treatment – day cream for professional use and day cream for home treatment
Treatment for oily/combination skin – day cream for professional use and day cream for home treatment

7. Are the cosmetics for salon treatment and home treatment different?
Yes, the products for professional use are prepared for treatments conducted with specialized equipment by a qualified beautician. However, there are some products for home treatment, whose composition is the same as those for salon treatment, e.g. creams the treatments are finished with.

8. Can I get any samples in my beauty salon?
Yes, most of our beauty care products have their sachet equivalents, which you can get for free in your beauty salon.

9. Where are the cosmetics made?
Denova pro is a Polish brand and all the cosmetics are produced in an ecological zone of Pomerania district, Poland.