professional guide to healthy skin

products quality

products outstanding features

• natural origin - the active ingredients used in DENOVA pro products are of plant or biotechnological origin

• sophisticated and quality formulations - elaborated in accordance with pharmaceutical expertise coming from the experience in production of medical ointments
• graphical design - clear and plain, refers to pharmaceutical products

• production - according to the newest technology

• broad product range: complex offer of the products for beauty parlours, for beauty care treatments and retail products for home use

• safety of application - dermatologically and allergy tested by Medical Academy in Gdansk and other recognized scientific institutions in Poland and abroad

• not tested on animals

• pH balanced


optimal distribution channels

Professional – products are dedicated exclusively to sale in beauty parlours. 
Wide range of the assortment allows for a cooperation with: 
• beauty parlours specialised in face and body skin care treatments
• massage parlours
• physiotherapeutical parlours
• SPA salons